6 Checks Before Hiring a Fence Company Tacoma WA


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Whenever you plan to install a fence around your Tacoma business or residence, it’s a good idea to take a minute to reflect before you hire a contractor.

You will have a hard time undoing whatever decision you make, and if you hire a fence company with less-than-stellar service, it will be a difficult experience. A good fence company can provide a variety of benefits, such as low pricing and long-term guarantees.

Before we dive into all that, let’s make a checklist to help you determine which fence company Tacoma WA is best suited to you and your needs.

The Experience

Fencing is not as simple as it sounds. Experienced & licensed contractors should only handle it.

Checking the contractor’s portfolio is the first step. Portfolios can help you determine how many fencing projects the contractor has handled successfully.

Another tip is to look into the contractor’s training credentials. Some documents show the training courses the fencing repair contractor has completed and their completion dates.

In the event that you are still in doubt, then check how the contractor has handled past projects. It is almost guaranteed that the results of fencing will be equally impressive.

Make sure you take your time when searching for a fence contractor. An individual contractor can even be judged based on answering your questions and explaining different fencing techniques. You should not hire if you doubt the contractor’s experience.

Reviews Online

There shouldn’t be too much trouble finding out what other people have had to say about an outdoor fence company that has been in business for quite a while. When you read online reviews, you’ll have a better feel for a company’s character.

Check out the reviews for a fence company on:

These reviews will help you understand what to expect when working with a fence contractor. Investing a little time in reading reviews can help you learn what a company’s customers think, how well it communicates with them, and much more.

Ideally, you should work with a company that has an A+ rating.

Certifications, Licensing & Insurance

A fence company should have a number of certifications to prove its legitimacy. To begin with, you need a fence license, which is issued by the local authority.

License to perform fencing shows that the contractor has met all fencing personnel requirements and that they have been recognized as a fencer by the jurisdiction. Furthermore, the contractor’s license proves that they are well aware of the various types and procedures of fencing.

In addition to certifications, some insurances cover risks. If anything goes wrong during the process, having an insured contractor ensures you will not experience any financial constraints or stress.

You can rest assured that if anything goes wrong, there will be no financial hardships or stress on your part.



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Communication & Accessibility

When choosing a local fence contractor, communication is one of the most important criteria. Every detail about your fence should be known to you as the client. This means the fence contractor must be able to communicate effectively on the phone and in writing.

Your concerns need to be answered satisfactorily, and more information about the project should be provided. This is also true of availability. If you are looking for a local fence company, you should be able to contact them physically, by phone, or by email.

Value for money

Making a decision about what you’re spending is one of the most important factors in choosing a fence contractor. Does it make sense to spend a little more on an easy-to-deal-with company, or are you interested in spending less and having a less pleasant experience?

Likewise, the materials must be of high quality. It may seem like a good idea to save money now, but you may have to spend more later if the quality is poor. You may be able to make a better decision by having financing options available without having to pay the full amount upfront.


Fences are subject to many forces of nature (including humans and animals). Even if it was installed and built correctly in the beginning, you may lose the battle.
It’s important to check whether a fence company offers guarantees for their work when choosing one. Therefore, they will either fix it themselves or hire someone else if they did a bad job putting it up.
A fence company can also give you a sense of security, knowing that they have your back no matter what. Many fence companies offer warranties of 10-20 years that cover paint damage, discoloration, and weather/pest damage.


Selecting an outdoor fence provider to install a new residential or commercial fence for your home or business can be as challenging as selecting the fence itself. Making the wrong choice can cause confusion and frustration.

When looking around at different fence contractors in Tacoma, Wa, keep the following seven points in mind.

The AK Custom Fence & Deck LLC team understands what it takes to install a fence for your property while considering all these checkpoints. Call Today!