7 Things to Consider before Hiring a Deck Builder


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You’ve probably caught yourself daydreaming about the time you’ll spend relaxing out on your new deck if you’re considering adding one to your backyard or upgrading an existing one.

We understand if you’re a little impatient to see that alluring deck finished. But, let’s not rush into things. For such a large project, it’s essential to ensure the job is done correctly. This means hiring a trustworthy deck builder, Tacoma WA.

To help you find the best, listed below are 7 essential things to consider before choosing a decking company.

What to look for in a deck builder?

1. Good Communication

A relationship’s foundation is effective communication. A quote like this rings true for all walks of life including construction work such as building the perfect deck.

Consider the situation where a contractor is afraid to tell you that his original estimate was incorrect. Or he gave you a time and arrives hours late. Thus, if you want your work to be of great quality and transparency, your contractor must communicate well with you.
You don’t want to start with a flaky builder.

2. Work Quality

Adding quality to the mix is another crucial element that must not be overlooked. A quality job has been valued for many years. Look for a decking contractor that offers a mix of quality work and good designs.

This is a good way to avoid working with substandard contractors is to ensure upfront that they are using high-quality decking material and processes.

3. Relevant Experience

If you choose an experienced deck-building company, you will discover that you will be able to rely on them for all your deck needs! Deck construction is such a big job that you don’t want it to be left up to those who aren’t experienced.

You can locate customer reviews and recommendations by doing a quick Google search for local deck builders in Tacoma. Make sure the contractor has a demonstrated track record. Seek out unbiased reviews from other homeowners.

4. Certificates of Licence & Insurance

Licensing and certification requirements will vary by city and state. Research the guidelines for your area so that you can be presented with them prior to starting the project.

Your deck builders in Tacoma WA should be properly licensed and also have a comprehensive insurance policy. By doing so, you will have full protection if something goes wrong.

Don’t let your family’s safety be compromised because your deck wasn’t constructed properly. OR, you might be liable for any damages occurring during construction if you don’t have insurance. Thus, hiring someone with proper documents like AK Customs Fence and Deck should be a priority.

5. Project knowledge

A builder who knows the type of project you are working on is always more desirable than someone with general experience. You may be able to get solutions from the builder if you do not have a perfect mental picture of your desired custom decks.

In addition, they can suggest useful additions to your scheme based on your feedback. Having a contractor who doesn’t understand a complicated deck design may result in a poorly constructed deck.

6. Consultation & Collaboration

Another thing you should consider is whether your contractors are open to collaborating and providing proper consultation for your project. Your custom deck should reflect your vision, and you should not feel awkward about sharing your thoughts.

With the help of an experienced contractor, you can decide and get suggestions on what is feasible, safe according to your space, trending in the market, and what suits your budget.

7. Options for warranty coverage

Professional deck builders often offer warranties and protection options with their decks. Suppose you have a problem with your deck. Your deck builder may be able to fix the issue for free within a specified timeframe if you are experiencing any problems.

Also, you may be able to get a warranty that will cover other types of natural damage, such as weathering, natural disasters, and more.



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Question to ask a deck builder

Finding a decking service can be stressful because you want to make sure that you’re hiring the right company for the job. Without experience dealing with a similar situation, you probably have no idea what to ask. Therefore, we prepared a list of questions for you to ask your potential deck builder.

  • What is your level of experience?
  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Can I contact your references and find out more about your work?
  • Is your business registered and licensed in Tacoma, WA?
  • Do the types of decks come with a warranty?
  • What is the timeline for you to complete the deck?
  • Do you offer a variety of decking materials?
  • In the event of a problem, what will you do?
  • Are there any payment methods you accept?

Looking for a Deck Builder in Tacoma WA

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From beginning to end, this deck builder Tacoma WA ensures a convenient and streamlined experience for all of their clients that makes it easy and affordable to build a new deck.

So, if you are seeking the perfect deck in Tacoma, then look no further.