Composite Decking: Its Pros & Cons

Composite Decking: Its pros & Cons

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With every passing day, there are increasing numbers of Tacoma, Washington homeowners looking for durable home improvement solutions. Many are interested in installing decks on their houses to increase their property value. The most common decking material is wood. However, the popularity of composite decks is growing because they are more durable.

Decks made of composite materials are gaining popularity quickly! Modern composite wood can look just like its natural counterpart while offering all the same benefits when made by a custom deck builder federal way.
According to your specific requirements and wants, this type of decking may prove to be the perfect fit. Moreover, it can actually provide a more contemporary and cleaner look than a traditional wood deck. The following is a list of the top pros and cons of composite decking to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Composite Decking

1. Durability

To make our house more durable, we want every part to be as strong as possible. Composite decking is the perfect choice for this. In simple terms, it is made of wood and plastic. Since this material resists rot, it is a more durable and quality deck option.

Additionally, its lifespan is much longer than that of wooden models. As opposed to traditional wood decking, composite decking can last up to 30 years (if properly maintained). That’s more than twice as long!
It is the most comfortable choice for families with pets and kids because a custom fence and deck made of composite do not fade or stain.

2. Easy Maintenance

In comparison with natural wood, the composite decking material is easy to clean. This material only requires that you clean it periodically with soap and water. Keeping your deck Tacoma clean all year can ensure that it looks great, or you can call a decking company for quick maintenance tips.

3. Longevity

The longevity of composite decking is a major reason for its popularity. Decking made from composite material should last at least 15 years before having to be replaced. Additionally, composite decking by deck builders in Tacoma can withstand the abuse that Mother Nature can dish out. Your deck will be able to survive long, hot summers and cold winters without being affected.

4. Variety in Texture & Variety

Composite decks look and feel like wood. You can choose from several colors for composite decks. A variety of color decks are available, including brown, gray, fiery red, and tan. You can also combine different custom decks of different colors to create a multicolored environment.

Adding dark deck boards to light-colored deck boards, for instance, is an option. Combining colors in this decking will add aesthetic value to your house and its surroundings.


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Cons of Composite Decking

1. Higher Initial Cost

Compared to a wooden deck, manufacturers of Composite Decking typically have higher overheads due to the manhours and labor that are required to produce the product. Because of the additional costs associated with the construction of Composite Decking by deck builder Tacoma WA, it is not the cheapest material available.

2. Permanent Colors

You cannot change the color and texture of your composite decking once you have chosen it. You are likely to encounter unfavorable results when you attempt to paint or stain your composite deck. A decking material like this may not be the most suitable option for someone who likes to change things frequently.

3. Unnatural Material

The answer is probably a matter of taste and personal preference. Some people may also point out that the materials used in composite decking are not natural. As a result, some people believe they lack the natural appearance and color. Most people, however, love composite decking for its look that resembles natural wood. Consult your decking contractor to get the perfect solutions catered to your requirements.


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Hire your Custom Deck Builder Now!

Composite decking is definitely worth its price when comparing all its pros and cons. Since cost equals life span, it makes sense that the cost would be doubled. Evidently, this does not mean that the cost in general increases when you compare it with the life of decking.

The deck pays for itself because of all the money you save on maintenance! Moreover, many disadvantages are no longer valid due to new designs and technologies. Hire a custom deck builder in Tacoma for the best deck building services.

The team at AK Custom Fence & Deck is capable of handling all of your decking needs. You can design and build a composite deck of your dreams with the help of our team of dedicated and passionate deck builders, Tacoma, WA. Call us today for more information.