Hog Wire Deck Railings: A Durable and Affordable Way to Enhance Your Outdoor Space


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If you’re planning on resurfacing your deck before the end of the summer or extending your outdoor living space, Hog Railing panels for decks and fences are a perfect choice.

There’s no doubt that Hog Wire panels have a distinctive look, and their versatility makes them incredibly useful. The Hog wire deck railing delivers a proven style you’ll love whether your deck is on a rustic cabin or a modern high-rise.

What is a hog wire deck railing?

A hog wire fence is defined in Merriam-Webster as “wire decking that is heavy and woven with smaller meshes at the bottom.” This applies to hog wire that contains wild or feral hogs, but it differs from what is discussed when discussing hog wire deck railing.

There often needs to be more clarity about hog wire deck railings. Most decks are built with sheep or goat wire and heavy wire (of different gauges) in 4×4 squares. Hog panel deck railings are often made from wire manufactured specifically for railing infill, so livestock wire is rarely compromised.

Pros and Cons of Hog Wire Deck Railing


The following are some advantages of hog wire decking:

Here are some benefits of hog wire decking.

  • Hog wire can be affordable: Installation of privacy decking costs between $20 and $30 per square foot. You will pay three to five dollars for installation, whereas hog wire decking can be installed for anywhere from $3 to $5 per square foot.
  • Easy Installation: Hog wire decking is a great value for money because of its ease of installation, making it the easiest decking option.
  • Longevity: Hog wire fences are long-lasting and resist corrosion.
  • Low Maintenance: Hog wire is the most durable and low-maintenance option for deck railings.
  • Sustainable: The hog wire deck railings we install are made from sustainable materials.


Hog wire is just like any other decking material.

  • Cannot be electrified: The hog wire decking cannot be electrified. Consider this if you are using it to keep livestock.
  • Predator access: The hog wire is soft and flexible, making it a potential problem for predators if they stumble upon it. Predators can cut through wire and gain access to your property, killing or harming your livestock.

Different Types of Hog Wire Deck Railing

Hog metal railing panels are highly versatile and can be installed in many different ways. You have so many design options with metal railing panels. Get creative!
Hog Panels for deck railings can be installed on any material, including wood deck railing, composite deck railing, and metal deck railing. Hog Railing is available in four installation methods that allow Bonney lake deck builders to design and build the patio, deck, or porch they desire. Learn how Hog Deck Railing can be installed to create a stunning outdoor space for your family.

How To Build A Hog Wire Deck Railing

For once, hog wire railing installation is a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, but hiring deck contractors in Bonney Lake, WA, like A.K. Custom Fence & Deck, is always recommended. Most vendors offer 4″x4″ hog wire panels that are ready to use.

You are likely to have many options regarding gauges and breaking strengths. Making the right choice is the hardest part of hog wire deck railing installation. This section will be comprehensive to help you make an informed decision about whether or not you are capable of the task.

Plan ahead

You will have to decide on the rail height first. The minimum height is typically three feet (36 inches), which is required in many areas. Before starting such a project, you should always check your local building laws and regulations.


Your railing should support itself with posts that rest on decks rather than supporting it. This requires tricky cutting (especially corner posts), but it is worth the extra effort. This could be when you decide whether a professional is best suited for this job.

Modern hog wire deck railing needs framing to support the decking. The easiest framing involves two pieces of lumber, 2×4, running between the posts so that the lumber forms a “channel” to allow the decking to rest.

You will need to clamp the bottom 2×4 piece to the posts with a vice. This will allow you to hold the fencing tighter.

Hog wire deck railing installation: Make sure your decking faces the same direction. Many hog and livestock decking options include vertical wires offset from the horizontal. Verify that all verticals are located on the outside or inside to ensure you don’t have deck railing infill that is not matched.

Contact a Professional Installer for Hog Wire Deck Railing Near Your Area

Are you interested in adding some flair to your deck or patio? Make your outdoor space a perfect hangout spot with hog wire panels from A.K. Custom Fence & Deck- A reliable fence and deck company near me. Contact us today for a free quote.