Popular Choices for Deck Railing and Ways to Enhance Them


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Deck railing is a crucial part of any deck since it ensures safety and improves the overall appearance of your outdoor living area. Wood, metal, and glass deck railing designs are available, so you may pick the one that best matches your home design. These designs will dress your deck with enduring charm, regardless of whether you choose an elaborate or straightforward deck railing.

From traditional wood to contemporary cable railing, A.K. Custom Fence and Deck Contractors Bonney Lake, WA, offer a variety of options for deck railing. Design a distinctive and pleasant outdoor area that will be the talk of the neighborhood by improving the deck railing.

Various materials can produce a distinctive appearance in designing a custom deck with the assistance of a professional custom deck builder in Federal Way, A.K. Custom Fence and Deck. This blog will discuss several common deck railing options and how to improve them.

Best options for the Deck Railing

Some of the best options for deck railing include:

1. Wood Railing


Wood is one of the most common materials for deck railing since it gives the outside area a traditional and cozy vibe. The deck has an exquisite appearance thanks to the natural beauty of the wood. To maintain it in good shape, you can get your wood railing enhanced by a custom deck builder in Sumner, WA.

How to enhance a Wood Railing

  • Match the railing’s color or finish to the deck’s overall design.
  • To give the railing a unique look, include ornate posts or brackets.
  • To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, include lighting on the railing.

2. Glass Railing


Another popular option for deck railing is glass railing, which provides the outside area with a contemporary and streamlined appearance. Another benefit of glass railing is that it requires less upkeep and is durable.

How to Enhance a Glass Railing

  • To prevent glare and produce a distinctive aesthetic, use tinted glass.
  • Put LED lighting behind the railing to illuminate the glass at night and produce a lovely glow.
  • To add decoration, use frosted or etched glass.

3. Metal Railing


Because of its strength and longevity, a metal railing is a popular option for deck railing. In addition to low maintenance, metal railings can survive inclement weather. You can always talk to your deck builder in Tacoma, WA, to know which deck will suit your requirement.

How to Enhance Metal Railings

  • To create a distinctive aesthetic, use several metal types, such as stainless steel or wrought iron.
  • To improve the overall style of the railing, including ornamental components like scrollwork or decorative patterns.
  • Add lighting to the railing to bring out the metal’s shine and create a cozy atmosphere.

4. Cable Railing


A sleek and contemporary option for deck railing is cable railing. A clear view of the outdoor space is created by cable railing, which uses thin cables rather than conventional spindles.

How to Enhance Cable Railing

  • Use several cable kinds, such as aluminum or stainless steel, to create a distinctive aesthetic.
  • To improve the overall look of the railing, include decorative components like metal brackets or wood posts.
  • Use LED lighting to draw attention to the cables and produce a gentle glow at night.

5. Composite Railings


A deck railing alternative that requires less upkeep is composite railing. The composite railing looks like wood but doesn’t require ongoing care because it is constructed of a combination of wood fibers and plastic.

Options for Enhancing Composite Railing

  • The railing can be stained or painted to fit the deck’s design.
  • To improve the overall style of the railing, include decorative components like metal brackets or ornate caps.
  • Add lighting to the railing to create a cozy atmosphere.

How should one Choose the Right Railing?

Given the wide range of options in the market, choosing the ideal railing for your deck can take time and effort. While deciding on the ideal railing for your deck, you should take the following into account:

1. Safety

A deck railing’s main purpose is to ensure safety. The railing must be strong enough to protect people from slipping off the deck. Check the local building codes to ensure the railing complies with safety regulations.

2. Aesthetics

The railing should coordinate with the deck’s overall design. Choose a railing that goes well with your deck’s design and your house’s architecture. Also, the railing ought to improve the facade of your house from the outside.

3. Maintenance

Take into account how much upkeep the railing needs. While some materials, like wood, need routine upkeep, others, like metal or composite, require little maintenance.

4. Budget

The price of the railing must be taken into account. Choose a railing that fits within your budget after determining your budget.

5. Privacy

Choose a railing that creates a wall between your deck and the outside world if privacy is a priority. A nice choice for privacy is a glass or composite railing.

6. View

If your deck offers a stunning view, pick a railing that doesn’t obscure it. For unhindered vistas, cable railing or glass railing are good options.

Choose a useful and visually beautiful railing for your deck by considering these elements. You can even browse the web for custom deck builders near me to get a list of contractors in your area.

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