Top 4 Safety Features that a Deck should have

Top 4 Safety Features that a Deck should have

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Custom decks are a very popular home improvement project. A new deck will make your house feel homier and increase your property’s resale potential. A new deck can bring many benefits to your home. This deck-building project is well worth the money.

Here are the top safety features offered by deck builder Tacoma WA in order to make your outdoor space reliable for everyone.

The foundation is the first step

The foundation is the key to a deck’s stability and safety. It is made up of support posts. To ensure that your quality deck is sturdy and gives you solid footing, make sure that the holes in your pier system are at least three inches below the frost line. If the holes have a shallow depth, the support beam could shift during winter as moisture in the ground freezes.

Get a custom fence and deck contractor to inspect your deck seasonally for a solid foundation. They will even suggest the type of material to be used for more security, like cedar decks. These materials are less likely to rot or deteriorate.


Railings keep your guests safe from falling off the deck many feet to the ground below. Railings should not be used on low-lying decks because of the low risk of steep falls. This safety feature should not be installed on decks less than 30 inches. The railings should reach at least three feet above the average person’s waist and be at least three feet high. This feature can also be used to deter intruders such as animals who may try to get onto your Tacoma Washington deck.


The flashing is a waterproof material that can resist corrosion and connect your deck to your main home. This protects your home from water seeping through the deck by redirecting the flow of water into the ground. Your deck is exposed to harsh elements, so you should make sure your home is protected by regularly checking the flashing.

You can do this by watching the flashing water flow from the flashing to the ground when it rains. If the water flows from the flashing smoothly to the ground, your house can withstand the rainy days without much trouble. If you notice that your deck’s Tacoma does not have to flash or that water has made its way onto the siding, it is time to get professional help from custom deck builder tacoma.

Ledger Board

An attached ledger board is not necessary for a freestanding patio. The board gives your deck the structural strength it needs to last for many years. Parts of the deck may begin to fall apart as the board decays. It is best to use pressure-treated wood for the installation. Brick, stone, and concrete should be avoided.

Deck builders in tacoma wa are trained to take special care when working in areas that experience heavy rains and snow. Before the boards can be installed, they must be straight, smooth, and perfectly aligned. It is important to choose the correct installation method for your deck type.


Sealant is a coating that protects deck materials from water damage and foot traffic. If you plan to allow people to walk on your deck barefoot, a sealant can help protect them from splinter injuries. Wood decks can be sealed with sealants. A composite deck is a low-maintenance option that decking contractors can use.

How can you extend the life of your deck?

You can make your deck last longer by cleaning it often and sealing it every few years. A deck seal, which is similar to wax on a car’s engine, should cause water to pool on the boards. If this isn’t the case, it’s time for a reseal. Clean the boards of mildew and other debris before you seal them. Sand any splinters off.
For annual maintenance, hire professional deck builders in Tacoma.


A deck is a valuable addition to any home and can create many happy memories. The deck could also cause serious injuries. To ensure that you don’t have to worry about any accidents caused by collapse or structural problems, it is good to have a professional perform a routine inspection of the deck’s structural integrity.

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