Top Tips for Selecting the Best Wood for Fence


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When it comes to securing your yard, choosing the right fence is crucial. The classic wooden fence is one option that will always shine above the rest for many homeowners. To help you choose the right wood and put your expertise to work, we have put together a list of resources to help you make the right decision regarding the wooden fence installation. Read on to learn more about the wooden fences and other available options.

Reasons to go for Wooden Fence

There are various options available when it comes to choosing a fence. Some people love the historic look of wrought iron; on the other hand, some people love the sleek modernism of steel fencing. Apart from all these, some people like simplicity and prefer the low cost of PVC.

However, wood is probably the most timeless material for fences. It is effortless to work with. When it is treated appropriately, it holds up to the elements pretty well. As it offers you many options, you can easily choose practically any style and shape of wood to make up your fence.

In case you are looking for a traditional style for the backyard, wood is the immaculate one. A tall wooden privacy fence is one of the hallmarks of suburban living. If you are looking for something more rural, then a split rail fence would be an excellent choice.

Wood is exceptionally versatile and can be stained, painted, or treated with a clear finish to bring its natural beauty. If you like, you could leave your fence untreated to get that faded grey look of wood exposed to the elements.

Which wood can be best for wooden fencing?

You may think the decision-making process is completed once you select the wooden fence for installation. While this decision is large, choosing the right for your fence is arguably the most crucial part of this entire process. Several wood options are available at a fence and deck company near me, and each has some benefits and drawbacks.

Here are the most common wood materials for fencing.

1. Redwood

Redwood is long-lasting wood that can withstand harsh water conditions for many years. It is one of the most expensive wood options when talking about fence and deck installation, but the beauty of the fence often offsets the price. The aesthetic, durability, and maintenance benefits of Redwood make it a highly desirable wooden fence option.

2. Pine

The most common material for wood fences, pine is the most affordable option for your wooden fence. For those who are looking for something which is a less natural look than Cyprus, Cedar, and Redwood, then pine is a great choice for them. Pine fencing is easy to install and maintain and does well in various climates. Look for a fence company in Federal way that offers pine wood fences at an affordable price; you should check out their stores and choose any of them according to your convenience.

3. Cyprus

Many who enjoy the benefits of Cedar will also enjoy Cyprus fences; they should also check out this wood option. Cyprus fencing can be a little bit expensive, but the advantages of the materials outrank the higher price point for many homeowners. You can contact a chain link fence company near me or one that specializes in wood fencing to know about the price quote and if it’ll suit your property or not.

Benefits of Wooden Fencing

As compared to other fence options, such as wrought iron, wooden fences, and chain link, there are some of the most desirable benefits among fences. Additionally, wood fences are some of the most secure and difficult to insinuate. This wood fence will deliver an aesthetically pleasing form of containment and provide privacy in your yard.

Things to take care of while selecting a Wooden fence Installation

Deciding on a wood type for the fence type can be challenging, especially when presented with several beautiful, high-quality options. It helps you if you consider several factors when choosing the material. When you are looking for a wooden fence, think about the following:

1. Budget

As mentioned above, different wood types will come at various price points. We will always recommend you know what you are looking to spend on a wooden fence before researching wood types. It isn’t easy to give up on your dream wooden fence and the other benefits if you find it too expensive. Contact the Fence builders near you, who will guide you and give you a brief idea about the expenses so that you can set your budget accordingly.

2. Lifespan

On average, the wooden fence should last anywhere from 10-15 years, irrespective of the material. It depends upon the quality of its installation, climate condition, and maintenance of the wooden fence.

3. Climate condition

Some wood materials can not survive in extreme temperatures. Additionally, taking into this account, the average humidity in your area can significantly affect the wood choice.


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