Try These 2023 Deck Trends for the Ultimate Backyard Appeal


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There are various types of decks available on the market today. Which one would be the best one for you that can suit all your family’s needs?

Whether you are looking for a traditional wood deck or a little more unique design, checking out the deck trends 2023 can help you select a bespoke decking pattern & material.

In this blog post, we will discuss different types of decks and their pros and cons. We will also give tips on choosing the right deck and fence company for your place.

Different Deck Types: Which Is Right for You?

Decks come in all sizes and shapes, from simple and small to large and complex. You can choose from various types of decks, each with its own benefits and unique style.

1. Attached Deck

An attached deck is a great option for homeowners who want to add an outdoor living space but do not want the expense or hassle of building a separate structure.

The attached deck can be added to the back of the house, either as an extension of an existing patio or as part of the new construction project. You can reach out to a custom deck builder in Sumner, WA, for an attached deck.


  • An attached deck is comparatively inexpensive to build than a freestanding deck.
  • This is easier to add an attached deck than a separate structure, and you will not need the building permit.
  • An attached deck can be designed to match the style of the house.


  • You may have to coordinate with the home’s architect or the builder to ensure that the deck is properly attached to the house.
  • You may need to reinforce the home framing to support the added weight of the deck.

2. Deck for the outdoor dining

Outdoor decks will provide a great space for dining and entertaining. They can be made from various materials, composite numbers, including wood or vinyl. Reach out to a Deck Builder in Sumner, WA, to create the perfect outdoor space to hang out with your friends & family.

3. Detached deck

Detached decks are popular in climates where they can extend the home’s living area.
They are a platform with railings supported by posts set into the ground, giving them the appearance of floating decks. Some people refer to this deck as an “island deck.”


  • The detached deck can be a unique way to add living space and increase the home’s value.
  • They are perfect for enjoying the outdoors, whether you are entertaining or relaxing guests.
  • The open design makes them ideal for warmer weather.


  • Detached decks can be more expensive than any other type of deck.
  • They can be more difficult to maintain, and they may require regular staining and cleaning.
  • They can be susceptible to water damage if they are not properly sealed.

4. Entryway deck

Entryway decks are a unique way to add extra living space to the home. They will perfectly fit in the small spaces, as they do not take up much room and can be used as an additional entryway or dining area.

This can also be used to store coats and shoes, which is especially helpful if you have limited storage space in the home.

In case you are considering adding the entryway deck to the home, then there are a few things you should keep in mind before contacting a custom deck builder federal way.

First, ensure that the deck is big enough to accommodate the number of people using it.
Second, choose what kind of material you want to use. Wood is popular, but several weatherproof materials will require less maintenance.


  • This will add extra living space
  • It is perfect for small spaces
  • This can be used for the dining area or entryway
  • Stores coats and shoes.


  • It might require regular maintenance due to heavy usage.
  • Can turn out to be a costly investment for a small project.

5. Multi-tier deck

Multi-tier deck has multiple decks on top of each other. This deck is often used in tournaments, as opponents can find it difficult to know what card they will draw.
This also allows for more strategic play, as you can mix and match different kinds of decks to create the strategy ahead of time.


  • It can be difficult for opponents to know what card they will draw.
  • More strategic plays are possible.


  • It isn’t easy to construct
  • This requires careful planning and execution, so hire professional custom deck builder Tacoma who can easily work this in their favour.

6. Over garage / Rooftop deck

Decks installed above a garage are called rooftop decks. They offer a unique perspective, a great way to enjoy the backyard, even if you have little space. The rooftop deck will also provide some extra living space, which is especially useful in smaller homes.

There are many other things that you need to consider while deciding whether the rooftop deck is right for you. First, you will need to ensure that the garage is sturdy to support the deck’s weight. Additionally, you may need to factor in the cost of installing the rooftop deck; these can be more expensive than any other types of decks due to the additional work involved.


  • It offers a unique perspective and a great way to enjoy the backyard.
  • It provides some extra living space, which is especially useful for smaller homes.


  • This can be more expensive than any other decks due to the additional work involved.
  • This may only be suitable for some homes- have your word with a professional before deciding whether or not the rooftop deck is right for you.

Consult A Custom Deck Contractor To Make A Better Decision

Deck builders have many decisions to make while constructing the deck, from the materials used to the shape or size of the finished product.

So many options can make it difficult to decode what type of deck will be right for your home. In this journey, A.K. custom is here to help you out. We hope this article helped you narrow down the choices and better understand what each kind of deck has to offer. Call us today to schedule an appointment.