Types of Fence: How to choose the right fence?


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When selecting fencing for your property, it’s not a matter of impulse – it’s an investment that requires thought. As with any major home purchase, it’s a good idea to shop around and research your options before you choose a fence.

However, the whole process of exploring fencing options can be daunting. This is why we’ve broken down all that you need to know about fence shopping in this quick guide! Types of Fence

All fencing is not created equal. The following sections describe the types of fencing materials and some of their pros and cons. It can serve as a guide to choosing a fence that fits your home.

1. Chain link

Chain link fencing can be seen in many places across the United States, including sports fields and parks, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and homes.

Pros: There is little or no Maintenance required for chain link fencing. There is no rusting in chain-link fencing since an electro galvanization process is used to protect the wires from rusting. This reduces maintenance and increases the life of the chain link.

Cons: Chain-link fences do not offer solid protection, which is why they are not considered privacy fences. Thus, if you try to keep prying eyes out of your backyard, chain link fencing should not be your first choice.

2. Vinyl

Compared to any other type of fence, vinyl fence is at the top. Vinyl provides great privacy and security, making it a great fence for nearly any situation.

Pros: Vinyl fencing requires little maintenance and is paint-resistant, meaning you can easily clean graffiti or other unwanted stains. To make it look as good as new, you will need a hose and soap.

Cons: Before you commit to vinyl fencing, make sure you consider all your options. One of the concerns with vinyl is expansion. When the temperature fluctuates, vinyl can expand and contract.

3. Cedar

The materials most commonly used in residential yard fencing are cedar. Cedar fence doesn’t need to be treated chemically, making it a good choice for families who prefer natural materials.

Pros: This material is the most versatile of all fence materials since it can be used for many different fencing styles, ranging from traditional plank panels to bespoke framed fences.

Cons: Cedar is relatively high-maintenance and must be regularly sealed and finished to prevent deterioration. Additionally, it is one of the least durable fence materials; its planks are prone to shrinking, warping, and splitting, and its posts are prone to rot at the ground level and require replacement.

4. Wrought Iron

Often, you will see homes with elaborate designs atop their fences, which usually means that these homes have a wrought iron fence.

Pros: The aesthetics of wrought iron and metal fencing are not comparable to those of other options. They can be customized to match your home and landscape because wrought iron’s malleability allows for various styles and shapes.

Cons: Although wrought iron fences are beautiful and strong, they require constant maintenance. Every two to three years, wrought iron fences need to be sanded or repainted to maintain their beauty.

5. Hog Wire

A hog wire fence is made of multiple wires that are twisted together. Hog wire fences are largely used as physical containment to get rid of livestock, define boundaries, and contain plants.

Pros: One of the nice things about a hog wire fence is easy to install and acts as a trellis. In other words, almost any vining plant will grow on hog wire.

Cons: The materials used in hog wire fencing make them corrosive, so they cannot be electrified. This kind of fence is not recommended for containing domesticated animals, as the strength is not sufficient for them to break through.



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Tips for Choosing the Right Fence

Before you get started on building your fence, you should take a moment to consider some factors. Having a fence tailored to your needs and budget is the best way to avoid getting a fence that fails to meet your expectations.

1. Consider Your Needs

To choose a fencing material, you should think about why you want to build a fence in the first place. Are you looking for privacy fencing, security, and/or fencing designed to improve your home’s appeal!

Wood fencing, for instance, is an excellent choice for privacy and increasing your property value. However, while shopping for a fence, if your primary concern is the containment of children and animals, your material options will be unlimited.

By assessing your needs, you will find it easier to choose the right fence materials.

2. Consider Maintenance

A fence’s maintenance requirements are an important consideration when choosing a fence.
Most Maintenance goes into wooden fencing, as it needs to be painted and restrained every couple of years. In contrast, vinyl and aluminium fencing require low maintenance.

It can be difficult to find replacement parts for a small section of fencing if it gets damaged. However, Other fences can be repaired and replaced at any time.

3. Consider Durability

There are some fencing materials that may look great but may not last as long as you’d like. Moreover, this may mean more upkeep on your part, which you wouldn’t want if you want a one-time fencing solution!

Keep in mind the lifespan of the different types of fences when comparing them.

4. Understand Your Homeowners Association (HOA) Regulations

Additionally, you should also make sure you understand your homeowner’s association’s rules and regulations.

Your HOA will often govern the type of fence you can build. It’sTherefore, it’s important to make sure your fence meets the right material requirements, as well as the right height requirement.

Thus, it is a good idea to check HOA guidelines before building a fence, so you won’t have to pay fines.

Things to Consider Before Finalizing the Fence Company in Tacoma and Federal Way, WA

Installing a fence cannot be done in a day. The process of installing a fence is tougher than it looks, and it takes quite some time. You can, however, hire a professional to handle the job for you.

Choosing a fence company in Tacoma and Federal Way may seem daunting if you have never done so before, but here are four tips to make sure you pick the right one.

They’re very reasonably priced

It is rarely a good idea to go with the cheapest option or hire the most expensive installer nearby. Ideally, you’ll go with one that offers value for money – you want a professional who offers a reasonable rate and delivers top-notch service.

Guarantees on Work

Fence manufacturers will typically provide a warranty for the fence’s material and hardware, but the fencing contractor you choose should provide a warranty for the job’s workmanship as well.
An improperly installed fence post could cause sections of your fence to be unstable or even toppled. The workmanship guarantee of your contractor should cover this.

Offer Customized Services

Your contractor should be able to give you more than just a ballpark figure. They should come out to your property to make a note of the requirements on the job for customized suggestions and results.

This includes apt consultation, measuring the linear feet of the fence installation, checking the grade and slope in each area, inspecting areas around your home or a structure.

Proof of Past Work

In addition, make sure any fencing contractor you hire can show you proof of previous work. They should have more than just photos on their website.

Check testimonials and contact references to learn about their experiences with the contractor. Is the contractor likely to be rehired? Has the work been done well, on time, and on a budget?

Over to You!

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