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There are three main types of fences made of wood, vinyl, and wrought iron, but there are many others. For these three, wood is usually the cheapest but generally requires the most maintenance. 

Before you decide anything, a professionally trained fence contractor Tacoma WA will sit with you and help choose the right fence for you.




Fence Specialists Contractors With More than 30 Years of Fencing Skill

We are your one-stop-solution fence specialists for all your fencing needs. We have more than 30 years of experience in dealing with myriad types of fences and helping people meet their expectations by getting the desired products. We have always been known for consistently rendering top-notch quality in our products. Our fence materials include:

  • Chain link fence (Galvanized and Powder Coated)
  • Vinyl/Composite
  • Cedar/Pressure Treated
  • Wrought Iron/Ornamental
  • Iron/Metal
  • HogWire

Type of Fences that add your tacoma washington property value

1. Brick wall fence

The most common, traditional, and widely used garden fence is a brick wall. You can build both low and high boundary walls. Brick and mortar are used in the same way, and the height of the wall can be increased to your liking. It all depends on your tastes and choices.

Many prefer to choose creepers to cover some wall tacoma fence or make them colorful by painting them with high-quality exterior paint. You can also combine brick walls with other options such as iron fences and barbed wire. Brick walls have endless design possibilities. It is fire resistant and weather resistant.

2. Stonewall with iron fence

A stone wall with an iron fence is a classic type of fence that gives the house a fortress-like appearance. You can erect a knee-length stone wall and surround it with an iron rod of your choice. Get a pillar made of stone. It balances the boundary wall and is stable enough.

It requires less maintenance, is highly durable, and can withstand turbulent weather. Iron fences should be painted regularly to protect them from rust. However, the stone lasts almost a lifetime. This increases the required width and reduces the percentage of available land.

3. Prefabricated concrete fence

It’s very popular these days. Precast concrete parts are molded into the molds of the factory. Precast concrete fences are cheaper than wooden fences in the long run. With large walls, you can consider different design options.

Otherwise, you will have to choose from the options offered by the manufacturer, but there may be restrictions. These panels are heavy and require a skilled worker assembly machine to install. They are fire-resistant, termite-resistant, weather-resistant, and hard to break. Low maintenance costs are an additional bonus.

Delivering Value And Quality

The resale value of a fence depends on how the fence fits into the house, its condition, the type of fence around it, the initial cost of the fence to be installed, and many other factors. 

With so much data, it’s not easy to find the answer to whether fences add value to retailers. Internet research sessions have found many fence builders with too many in-game skins and few unbiased sources.

Hire An Experienced Fence Contractor in tacoma washington

As an experienced fence company tacoma wa, we have installed many eco-friendly fences on the Federal Way and can help you find the best eco-friendly options for your home and install the right fence for you. 

More eco-friendly things are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason! As the best performing fence contractors tacoma, we understand that you want to help our planet in the best possible way. This includes installing eco-friendly fences.

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