Ways To Prevent Wooden Fence Post From Rotting


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A wooden fence has always been a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their home’s security, privacy as well as aesthetics of their property. When exposed to moisture such as snow or rain, Wooden fences may begin to rot over time. Lack of maintenance can also be a reason behind the rotting of the wooden fence post. Termites and carpenter ants can also be the reason behind the rotten wooden fence post. It is important to keep an eye on all these signs and not neglect them for a long time. Otherwise, you may have to replace the entire wooden fence post. Read the article to know how to protect wooden fence posts from rotting and how a fence company in Tacoma, WA, can help achieve the fence that can last you years to come.

What are the issues that may arise due to rotten wooden fence posts?

There can be various issues due to a rotten wooden fence, including:

  • Compromise in the security of the property. A rotten part of the fence post can completely weaken the fence structure, allowing the trespasser or animals to enter the property.
  • It can also detract from the overall appearance of the property, which can be an eyesore and will lower the aesthetic appeal of the home.
  • Rotten wood can be the reason behind mold, mildew, and other harmful bacteria, which can be a health hazard for as well as your family.
  • A rotten wooden fence can lower the value of the property. In case you are planning to sell your property in the near future, then the potential buyers may see the rotting wooden fence as a negative and are less likely to make an offer.

Fence contractors in Tacoma advise to regularly inspect the fence and address the signs of rotting or decaying in the fence post in order to prevent such issues.

What are the different ways to prevent wooden fences from rotting?

Because of dampness and exposure to the environment, wooden fences are vulnerable to rotting. If you’re wondering how to protect wood fence from rot, you can do the following:

  • Choose proper wood: Choose wood that won’t decay naturally, such as cypress, cedar, or redwood. Certain kinds of wood are resistant to dampness and insect damage because they contain natural oils and resins. Select a wood type that can withstand nature’s elements and preserve its structure.
  • Apply a waterproofing sealer: By sealing the wood with a waterproofing sealer, you can help stop the rot from being caused by moisture infiltrating the wood. Apply the sealant liberally to the bottom and sides of the fence. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall, make it a habit to apply the waterproofing sealant bi-annually.
  • Keep the fence dry by keeping it away from any surfaces that can collect moisture, such as the ground. Debris leaves and other organic waste that can retain moisture should not be present near the fence. Removing all leaves and organic waste from the fenced area can aid in preserving it for a long time.
  • Apply wood preservatives to the wood: You can apply the wood preservative that contains copper or other fungicides to the wood. Rot and deterioration will be less likely a result. Keep applying the fresh coats of copper naphthenate every hour until the wood stops absorbing the preservatives.
  • Maintain the fence by routinely checking it for any indications of rot or decay and repairing any damaged portions as quickly as you can. Maintain a clean and clutter-free fence.

By following these guidelines, you can help prevent wooden fences from rotting and ensure they last for many years to come with help from a fence contractor near me.

How often should wooden fence posts be treated to prevent rotting?

In order to prevent rotting, the wooden fence must be treated once a year or twice a year. By applying wood preservatives, such as waterborne copper naphthenate, to the bottom, you can prevent rotting. The use of cypress, redwood, or pressure-treated lumber can also prevent rotting. Apart from all these, setting the wooden fence pots in a dry area with plenty of air circulation can be the best way to prevent rotting.

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